R2 Innovations, LLC

R2 Innovations,LLC (R2)

The company's primary objectives are to create proprietary patented illumination products, procure manufacturing and arrange distribution through well known national and international companies.  


R2's products rely on its proprietary and patented illumination technology and are marketed under R2's trade mark Actigl.


R2 has four manufacturing facilities in China; a heat pressure mold company that is responsible for production of custom formed illuminated molds, an electronics company that couples R2's electronic components with custom or injection formed illuminated molds, a glove manufacturer and a headwear manufacturer.


In 2010 R2 established a manufacturing relationship with High Performance Engineering (HPE) located in Colorado Springs, Colorado to manufacture it's Actiglo® illuminated fishing lures. All product engineering, materials, components, product packaging, injection molds, and assembly will be sourced and completed in the United States of America.


R2 has offices in Hong Kong but its main office is in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

R2 Innovations, LLC
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Actiglo® is a Trademark owned by  R2 Innovations, LLC